4 Bad Reasons to Put off Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Are you facing adult orthodontic treatment because you put it off when you were younger, could not afford it, or maybe you failed to wear that retainer and now your teeth are out of Adult Orthodontic Treatmentalignment again? Great news — adult braces are nothing like Sex and the City made it out to be when Miranda gave them a whirl. In fact, today you have numerous options for braces, including Invisalign, the Damon System and traditional braces that come in different colors and are much more comfortable than the ones you remember from middle school.

Unfortunately, many adults put off getting treatment because they are uninformed about current technology. The teen years are traumatizing, and if you recall your friends getting made fun of for having a metal mouth or complaining when they had their braces tightened every month, it is no wonder you are still in the “what if?” stage. Here are the worst reasons to put off adult orthodontia, and a few things you may not know about today’s state-of-the-art treatments:

1. The timing is not right.

Getting orthodontics is kind of like having a baby: The timing will never be perfect. In a few instances, it makes sense to put off orthodontics for a couple of months. For example, maybe you really want traditional braces, not Invisalign, and you are getting married soon. It is understandable to wait until after the wedding so you aren’t wearing braces in those special pictures (or you can talk to your orthodontist about Invisalign after all). However, if your excuse is that your annual trip to Hawaii is coming up and you don’t want to get musubi stuck in your braces, that one doesn’t fly.

2. Braces hurt.

They used to be a bit uncomfortable during tightenings, but today’s braces are much improved. Alternatively, you can get the Damon System, which requires less frequent tightenings in general. Of course, Invisalign requires no tightening at all, since you get a series of aligners instead of braces. Orthodontics is no longer as awkward as it used to be.

3. You won’t look good.

A lot of adults are opting for orthodontics today, so you certainly will not be alone. Plus, braces are much less obvious than they used to be, and given the advanced technology, you might be able to have them off more quickly than you think. Talk to your orthodontist about how long your treatment will take. Invisalign is another option, and you only have to wear it 20-22 hours each day, so this option can be removed for special events.

4. It is expensive.

Often times, orthodontic treatments are at least partially covered by dental insurance. Otherwise, a reputable orthodontist will offer payment plans that fit within your budget. As an adult, you will probably find that the cost of braces is much more reasonable than what you imagined as a teen.

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