Your First Orthodontic Appointment

Orthodontics Appointment

You don’t get braces on at your first orthodontic appointment — instead, it’s a meet and greet where your orthodontist examines your mouth and you come up with a plan of action together. Your first consultation is the time for goals and strategies to be mapped out. You should come to this appointment armed with any questions you have. Even if you think you’ve found the answers online, double-check with your orthodontist—you never know what technology he or she may have or whether yo

Orthodontic Myths: Metal Detectors & Lightning!

Orthodontics Myths

A lot of myths surround orthodontics, but two of the scariest are that braces set off metal detectors and they can cause you to get struck by lightning. Neither of these is true, but that doesn’t stop the rumors from spreading (after all, the majority of orthodontic patients are children, although adult patients are quickly catching up). It makes sense that braces might trigger metal detectors, especially at the airport where it seems like even the button on your jeans puts security in a fr

4 Reasons Invisalign Belongs On Your Holiday Wish List


‘Tis the season to get something to smile about with Invisalign! If all you want this time of year is your two front teeth (to be straight), think beyond traditional braces. Invisalign is an alternative to braces, and suitable for many patients who want to correct their bite, close gaps, address crowded teeth and finally get that ideal smile they’ve always wanted. It doesn’t matter if your teenage years are far behind you. While adolescent/teen teeth are the easiest to manipulate wit

Overcome Obstacles To Getting Orthodontics

How To Overcome Obstacles To Getting Orthodontics Treatment

The best time to get orthodontics is as a teenager — but if that period is behind you, don’t worry. Adults of all ages may be great candidates for braces, the Damon System or Invisalign. It’s a little easier to manipulate teeth in adolescents because they are still growing. However, with quality orthodontics and healthy teeth, it’s usually possible for a skilled orthodontist to move teeth into better alignment no matter what the patient’s age. If it’s better to get orthodontics

Orthodontist Tips on Holiday Snacking

Holiday Snacking

Your orthodontist isn’t out to make your holiday meals bland — quite the opposite! If you have braces or The Damon System, you might worry about your favorite treats and sweets getting stuck in your wires. However, with so many seasonal goodies on hand, you have plenty of options. Of course, if you have Invisalign, you don’t need to make any modifications at all. Invisalign can be removed for up to four hours per day (check with your orthodontist) for activities like eating, taking phot