The Damon Q system of self-ligating braces is proof img_damon_02that technology and innovation are changing orthodontics. In fact, the Damon system transcends normal product evolution. The revolutionary design features a smaller profile bracket that is literally packed with improvements. Damon Q brackets use a high quality stainless steel metal injection-molded assembly to create stronger, and more durable braces than ever before.

Metal Braces

Brackets are the heart of orthodontic systems and Damon Q brackets are truly revolutionary. They allow for precision placement on the tooth, thanks to their removable positioning gauge, their rhomboid shape and a vertical scribe line. The scribe line allows the brackets to be placed in a way that helps braces enhance the smile arch. The positioning gauge is color-coded to indicate torque value, allowing the doctor to introduce torque correction gradually. This improved approach to bracket placement takes much of the guesswork out of the process, a challenge posed by traditional orthodontia.

For patients, this means the real progress begins much sooner than has ever been possible. The Damon braces makes wire changes quick, easy and virtually painless for the patient.

Comfortable Clear Braces

Older orthodontia systems and brackets subscribed to the “one size fits all” philosophy, leaving the doctor with little choice for varying treatment approaches from one patient to the next. The Damon Q  braces system offers both horizontal and vertical wire slots, allowing the doctor to create patient-specific treatment designs.

Light, compact and low-profile, Damon brackets straighten your teeth through the use of high-tech archwires. The orthodontist will select the correct wire thickness to begin moving your teeth, switching them out for stronger wires as progress occurs. In traditional orthodontia, wires attach to the brackets using elastic o-rings or wire ligatures. The Damon difference is that the brackets are designed to hold the wires independently, removing the need for the painful and troublesome wires and rings.

If you’re ready to take the important first step toward making your perfect smile a reality, consider the Damon Q braces system. It will allow you to achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time, the fewest number of office visits and the highest level of comfort available today. Contact Johnson Elite Orthodontics today to visit one of our offices in Salt Lake City and South Jordan and experience the best treatment for braces Utah has to offer.