Orthodontics Use Up 34 Percent

Orthodontics, whether it is traditional braces, Invisalign or the Damon system, are becoming more and more common. OutRank, an advertising company, undertook extensive research on Orthodonticsbehalf of one of its clients, and was shocked to find just how popular orthodontics have become in recent years. According to OutRank’s director of marketing Carrie Shaw, “The data is based on thousands of clients and hundreds of dentists … we set up search-optimized websites for our customers and have access to all of the searches that lead to views to our clients’ websites. That is how we acquired 5 million searches.”

Growing Interest

Shaw reports that the face of orthodontics is changing. “To date, we’ve seen about 34 percent of our dentistry partners optimizing their advertising for search words such as Invisalign, invisible braces, aligners and smile correction,” she says. When any company optimizes its site to include either different or more keywords and phrases, it’s a sign that extensive research has already been done to figure out what clients and customers want. Clearly, says Shaw, patients are more interested in orthodontics, and dentists are responding.

Supply and Demand

According to Shaw, “We pulled the data and found that indeed, many people are searching for terms such as Invisalign, and more dentists are showing up at the top of the results, not just orthodontists!” That may be good news for general dentists who are attracting more patients by advertising services normally reserved for orthodontists, but what does it mean for the patients? Many people may not understand the difference between an orthodontist, who is a specialist, and a general dentist, and this leads patients to miss out on the care they deserve.

Choose an Expert

Shaw also pointed out the overall popularity of cosmetic dentistry, which may be addressed with orthodontics. Sometimes braces or Invisalign are recommended to correct an issue such as poor alignment or crowding, but sometimes a patient seeks out orthodontics solely for a more attractive smile.

When patients first start thinking about orthodontics, it is common for them to ask their general dentist about recommendations. One general dentist who spoke with Shaw said, “Each day I see more and more dentists doing general orthodontic work and I honestly think you’ll see this trend continue.” Be careful about this kind of one-stop shopping — orthodontics are best performed by an orthodontist who will work together with a general dentist. As more and more patients are asking about orthodontics, they are encouraged to do their research and choose a professional who specializes in this type of dentistry.

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