Orthodontist Tips on Holiday Snacking

Your orthodontist isn’t out to make your holiday meals bland — quite the opposite! If you have braces or The Damon System, you might worry about your favorite treats and sweets getting Holiday Snackingstuck in your wires. However, with so many seasonal goodies on hand, you have plenty of options.

Of course, if you have Invisalign, you don’t need to make any modifications at all. Invisalign can be removed for up to four hours per day (check with your orthodontist) for activities like eating, taking photos and kissing under the mistletoe.

Thanksgiving is a few days away, and luckily for you plenty of traditional fare is braces-friendly. Let’s start with the dessert classic: pie. Both pumpkin and apple pie are soft and not very sticky, making them perfect for ortho patients. However, if you’re also worried about food lingering in braces for those photos, pumpkin is a safer bet. It’s pureed goodness, which is the ideal “braces food.”

Something to Be Thankful For

Making holiday meats like turkey juicier makes tearing and chewing easier for those with braces. Try deep frying your turkey, or going with a casserole instead of the traditional baked or roasted version.

When the big winter holidays roll around in a few weeks, you’ll have a number of options on hand. Instead of the standard toffee (which isn’t good for anybody’s teeth!), try a classic English Christmas pudding. Soft, warm and served en flambe, it’s a rich dessert that will soon become a favorite.

Milk and cookies are a must, and fortunately it’s easy to make cookies a little softer for ortho patients. Try adding a pack of dry Jell-O pudding into your favorite cookie recipe for softer, chewier and more decadent results.

The best trick of all? Scheduling your orthodontist checkup immediately before your big holiday plans. Fresh bands, perhaps in a festive color, and a good cleaning will have you smiling for those family photos in no time.

Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

For an orthodontic patient, a great New Year’s resolution you can make anytime is to re-commit to oral hygiene.

With braces, it can be annoying at times to floss. Try out a water pick to make it easier, and ask your orthodontist about adding a fluoride mouthwash to your regimen. An alcohol-free option like ACT! can help strengthen teeth as they’re being shifted. Fluoride works best on kids up to 16 years old, whose teeth are still developing, but it can benefit anyone of any age.

Get in the holiday spirit with gusto — you have plenty to smile about. Call Johnson Elite Orthodontics to schedule your checkup, consultation, or band change that will be perfect for ushering in the holiday season.