One of the advanced technologies our orthodontist may use when providing your treatment is a soft tissue laser. Soft tissue lasers allow us to deliver procedures with greater accuracy, providing more effective care and minimizing your recovery time following treatment. Soft tissue lasers are a versatile tool and may be used in a variety of dental procedures. Here at Johnson Elite Orthodontics they are used most frequently in laser gum recontouring treatments.

Laser gum recontouring is a simple treatment recommended when your teeth and smile are affected by excessive or bulky gum tissue, also known as a “gummy smile.” During this treatment, we will simply remove a small amount of gum tissue, revealing more of your tooth structure and giving your smile a more aesthetic appearance. Revealing more of your tooth structure also makes it easier for our orthodontist to provide you with braces, orthodontic appliances and other treatments to straighten your teeth and smile.

There are many benefits to using a soft tissue laser in your treatment. For example, soft tissue lasers allow for better control during the procedure, giving you a more accurate and effective treatment. Lasers also give you a faster treatment time, reduce bleeding and risk of infection following the procedure, and can treat the targeted area without causing damage to any nearby tissue. Soft tissue lasers also enhance your comfort — in fact, you may not even require anesthesia to receive your treatment, though anesthetic and sedation options are available for your use. Additionally, soft tissue lasers are very quiet, emitting only a soft humming sound rather than the loud sounds produced by dental drills and other tools.

If you have any questions about soft tissue lasers and would like to schedule a consultation with our skilled orthodontist, contact our office today.