Your First Orthodontic Appointment

You don’t get braces on at your first orthodontic appointment — instead, it’s a meet and greet where your orthodontist examines your mouth and you come up with a plan of action together.Orthodontics Appointment

Your first consultation is the time for goals and strategies to be mapped out. You should come to this appointment armed with any questions you have. Even if you think you’ve found the answers online, double-check with your orthodontist—you never know what technology he or she may have or whether you’re a good candidate for certain procedures.

Also, trust your gut during this consultation. How long a person wears orthodontics is dictated by their teeth and needs, but between 18 and 24 months is common. That means you might be seeing this orthodontist for two years, and you want to be comfortable with him or her. Does he or she listen to you, seem genuinely concerned about your goals and put you at ease? That’s a must for any patient-dentist relationship.

Redefining Expectations

It’s not good to have too many expectations before your consultation. Maybe you’ve decided you only want Invisalign, but not everybody is a suitable candidate for this option. You might set yourself up for disappointment, so go into the appointment with an open mind.

If you’re concerned about your children’s teeth, know that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends an initial orthodontic evaluation by age 7. Children’s teeth are easier to manipulate, so timing is critical if they should need orthodontic treatment.

Catching orthodontic issues early can minimize the need for more treatment down the road. This initial consultation is your time to meet the whole team, talk about orthodontics and get the basics out of the way, such as digital X-rays and dental exams.

Your orthodontist might want to create a personalized treatment plan during this appointment, and you’ll go over insurance coverage and/or payment plans. This is largely a fact-finding mission during which your dental team will educate and plan with you. However, everyone needs to know the current state of your mouth before moving forward.

Not the Right Fit?

If the results of your consultation show it’s not a good match, you’re under no obligation to see that orthodontist again. Sometimes it happens. It’s especially important for younger patients to be completely at ease with their orthodontist. You may need to shop around before finding the ideal fit.

Fortunately, with proper planning, you will have some time to meet a few orthodontists.

On the other hand, you could also cut right to the front of the line and schedule a consultation with a member of Utah’s leading orthodontics team. Call Johnson Elite Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation and find out if an ortho treatment plan can help give you the healthy, gorgeous smile you deserve.