4 Braces Hacks from Pros

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Braces, whether traditional or Damon System, can straighten your teeth, increase your confidence, correct bite and alignment issues, and address spacing or crowding problems. Every patient is different, but the average person wears braces for about two years. That’s two years of perfecting tricks, hacks and coming up with tips for new wearers.

Anyone considering braces should know you don’t need to learn the hard way. Thousands of people have worn them before you, and have discovered shortcuts to dealing with challenges and adjusting to temporary orthodontics. Whether you’re worried about green veggies getting stuck in your teeth, potential speech impediments or challenges with oral hygiene, here’s a list of the best hacks from seasoned braces wearers and orthodontists alike:

1. Water picks are lifesavers:

Some people have no trouble with traditional flossing while wearing braces, while for others it’s nearly impossible. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to floss. Water picks are a great alternative, whether you wear braces or not, because they allow you to delve deeply into crevices without having to thread the floss between braces and your teeth. In fact, some dentists recommend picks over dental floss for every patient.

2. Download a mirror app:

Food can get stuck in teeth and braces alike. However, if you’re new to wearing braces, you might not be able to feel left-behind food as easily. Download a mirror app, such as Mirror Free or Makeup Mirror, so you always have a reflective surface at the ready. It’s easier than carrying a small mirror, and you can check discreetly by pretending to read a text.

3. Use colors to keep things interesting:

Today’s braces are a far cry from those of the 1980s. They come in a wide variety of band colors, and you can have them switched out whenever you like. Try out every color of the rainbow, or coordinate your choices with holidays, such as pink for Valentine’s Day. It gives you something to look forward to and a fun way to dress up your smile.

4. Consume non-staining foods and drinks:

Big events like a lunch with the boss or a first date can make you especially wary of consuming foods that might stick to your braces. While you should rarely skip your favorite foods just because of braces, having orthodontics is a great reason to practice enjoying foods that don’t stain. Even healthy foods like berries can stain teeth, and seeds can get stuck in your teeth and orthodontics. Once the braces are removed and your teeth are polished, you’re going to want to show them off. Steer clear of stain-causing, acidic foods for more confidence and a brighter smile.

Two years in braces can seem like forever for teens and adults alike. However, keep in mind that orthodontics is often the best way to retain your natural teeth and ensure they’re as stunning as possible. Contact Johnson Elite Orthodontics for a braces consultation.

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