Orthodontic Myths: Metal Detectors & Lightning!

A lot of myths surround orthodontics, but two of the scariest are that braces set off metal detectors and they can cause you to get struck by lightning. Neither of these is true, but that doesn’t stop the rumors from spreading (after all, the majority of orthodontic patients are children, although adult patients are quickly catching up). It makes sense that braces might trigger... read more »

Why Choose Braces Over Invisalign?

Invisalign can invisibly straighten your teeth, and you can even take them out for up to two hours each day for special events — so why would anyone choose braces? There are very good reasons, and no two patients (or mouths) are the same. Only your orthodontist can tell you if Invisalign or braces is better for you. However, if you want to... read more »

Yes, Braces Are Necessary

Are braces medically necessary? It’s a hot-button question that’s been raging online, especially after Michael Thomsen noted in The Atlantic, “Today’s orthodontic practices rely on equal parts individual diagnosis and mass-produced tool, often in pursuit of an appearance that’s medically unnecessary. Basic advances in brushing, flossing, and microbiology have largely defeated the problem of widespread tooth decay — yet the perceived problem of... read more »

Why Damon Braces are “Worth It”

The revolutionary Damon braces received a 100 percent “worth it” rating on one of the most popular review sites for health products and tools, Real Self. Damon braces are known for being very comfortable, to work quickly and offering consistent results. However, what potential new patients really want to know is if these types of braces are worth it for them. Getting the... read more »

Damon System Braces Eliminate Tightening Discomfort

The Damon System is ultimately a new, improved form of traditional braces that helps put outdated cons about orthodontics to bed for good. There was a time, several years ago, when the only orthodontic option was big, silver braces that could turn painful during regular tightening sessions. Today’s traditional braces now come in a variety of colors, and innovations in orthodontics... read more »

4 Celebrities with Invisalign

Can you spot celebrities with Invisalign? Probably not — and that’s the point. Unlike traditional orthodontic options like braces, Invisalign aligners are not obvious, since they are clear. They also can be removed for up to four hours a day for photo shoots, red carpet events and more. The nearly invisible option lets just about anyone, not just celebrities, discreetly straighten their... read more »

4 Braces Hacks from Pros

Braces, whether traditional or Damon System, can straighten your teeth, increase your confidence, correct bite and alignment issues, and address spacing or crowding problems. Every patient is different, but the average person wears braces for about two years. That’s two years of perfecting tricks, hacks and coming up with tips for new wearers. Anyone considering braces should know you don’t need to... read more »

Why Become an Orthodontist for Kids?

Ask a an orthodontist for kids why they chose this specialty, and you’ll get a variety of responses. Any kind of dentist beyond a general dentist opts into extra years of schooling and training. This means delaying a full-time salary, making further sacrifices and sometimes delving so deeply into a subject that it becomes a part of you. Every dental niche attracts a... read more »

Benefits of Bonded Orthodontic Retainers

Sometimes bonded orthodontic retainers are needed to maintain the alignment of teeth. Retention is used when teeth are in good alignment, whether naturally or as the result of orthodontic treatment. After all, you want to keep the straight teeth you were naturally gifted or that you achieved through orthodontia. Teeth can and often will shift throughout your lifetime for a number of reasons,... read more »

How Orthodontic Care Benefits Your Overall Oral Health

Orthodontic treatment helps ensure the proper function of teeth to create healthy, beautiful smiles. Proper jaw alignment makes it easier for you to bite, chew, and speak. Teeth that are misaligned are harder to clean and can lead to abnormal wear of enamel which can lead to extensive and expensive dental procedures. When the teeth and jaw are out of... read more »

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