Best Candidates for Invisalign

Invisalign Candidates

Are you an ideal candidate for Invisalign? That’s a question only your orthodontist can answer, but some patients are better matched to this teeth-straightening technique than others. For the most part, Invisalign works similarly to braces — although the aesthetics of each option are quite different. Both gently nudge your teeth into alignment. However, Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that you swap out every two weeks. Braces, of course, can only be applied and removed by an ortho

Choose a Knowledgeable Orthodontist


Choosing an orthodontist isn’t like picking what you’d like for dinner — this is a long-term decision. Only an orthodontist can tell you how long you’ll need traditional braces, The Damon System or Invisalign, but the average time frame is about two years. That’s two years of working closely with this dental professional to achieve your goals. Few people are born with perfect teeth and bites. You may have spacing issues ranging from gaps to crowding, an underbite, overbite or other

5 Ways Invisalign Revolutionized Orthodontics


Whether a patient chooses Invisalign, braces or The Damon System, orthodontics is constantly improving and becoming more comfortable, effective, attractive and affordable. In the past 20 years, incredible advances in braces have been made, virtually eliminating the “metal-mouth” fears that so many people had as kids. Invisalign, in particular, is in a league of its own. In many cases, it’s just as effective as braces and may be suitable for a wide range of dental issues, such as spacing, b

Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist

Orthodontist Questions

Seeing an orthodontist can be overwhelming. Ideally, patients have built a relationship with their general dentist and may have been seeing him or her for years. However, when you need an orthodontist, endodontist or other type of specialist, suddenly you’re meeting a brand new (to you) professional and you don’t know what to expect. When you start your search, schedule complementary consultations with a few orthodontists, go armed with questions and don’t feel rushed into picking one too

Should You Get Braces Before School?

Getting Braces

Many teens are facing the possibility of getting braces as summer comes to a close. Is it better to get orthodontics started during summer break so you can make a grand entry on the first day of school with pink, blue or purple braces? Or would it be better to wait a few weeks until school is in session, ensuring you get one more school picture braces-free? Braces can help anyone of nearly any age achieve a healthier, more attractive smile. However, there’s a reason teens make up the majori