Braces and Valentine’s Day: The Perfect Match

Having braces during Valentine’s Day is no big deal, especially with so many braces-friendly treats and goodies on the market!Valentine's Day Braces

You want to make sure the most romantic day of the year isn’t ruined by sweets stuck in your orthodontics, and now that’s easier to achieve than ever.

If you’ve had braces for a while, you probably already know which foods to avoid: toffee, caramels and anything sticky. Otherwise, it’s a struggle to clean your braces afterward. However, it’s best to focus on what you can enjoy without a second thought to messy braces.

Truffles and soft chocolates — especially white chocolate — are a safe bet for orthodontic patients. However, if you’re picking up a treat for yourself or a paramour with braces, remember that you can show your love in many ways that don’t include food. Go for flowers, a heartfelt card or make something old-fashioned and romantic like a mix tape to let your crush know how you feel.

Painting the Town Red

If you have a big date planned for V-Day, it’s time to brush up on what’s on the aphrodisiac food list. There’s a lot more to it than chocolate!

Perhaps one of the most famous aphrodisiacs is oysters, and that’s a braces-friendly food. Since oysters are easy to chew, you can completely avoid the risk of them getting stuck in your braces. It’s the perfect, romantic dish that’s stress-free for anyone with orthodontics.

Almonds are also an aphrodisiac, and you can chew them with your back teeth. Avocados and bananas are smooth and creamy (and can be cut into bite-sized pieces with ease!). A surprising aphrodisiac is basil, which can be added to many dishes, and cayenne, which can raise the blood pressure slightly and is a great spice to add to a variety of meals.

Kissing with Braces

If braces are new to you, it’s natural to wonder how kissing works. The big surprise is that there’s no big change! Kissing with braces is no different than kissing without. You probably won’t notice them at all. If both of you have braces, don’t worry. The odds of getting stuck together are slim to none (although it’s made for great situational comedy on television for decades).

Spending Valentine’s Day with braces will require little adjustment. In fact, there’s no reason to avoid any particular foods at all if you’re comfortable with your date. Food can get stuck in teeth just like it does in orthodontics, so pack a travel toothbrush and water pick if you’re worried.

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