Choose a Knowledgeable Orthodontist

Choosing an orthodontist isn’t like picking what you’d like for dinner — this is a long-term decision. Only an orthodontist can tell you how long you’ll need traditional braces, The DamonOrthodontics System or Invisalign, but the average time frame is about two years. That’s two years of working closely with this dental professional to achieve your goals.

Few people are born with perfect teeth and bites. You may have spacing issues ranging from gaps to crowding, an underbite, overbite or other alignment issue. Orthodontics is most effective for adolescents and teens, when the body is still growing, but there’s no maximum age limit for perfecting your teeth. It’s a big decision that calls for some research.

Orthodontists are dentists who opted for additional years of schooling and training in order to specialize in orthodontics. However, as individuals, they’re all different. Some orthodontists may not offer The Damon System, and others may not be trained in Invisalign. One orthodontist may have been practicing for 30 years and be set in his or her ways, while others might have just received their orthodontics training six months ago. It’s up to the patients to perform due diligence and to know what they want.

Get Foundational Knowledge

Your general dentist may have referred you to a specific orthodontist, but don’t think you have to go with that one. If you’re considering orthodontics, take a look at your three primary options: braces, The Damon System and Invisalign. You’ll probably have a preference for one over another, but remember that not every patient is a good candidate for all systems. Know your options, but remember that orthodontists will work with you to recommend the best one for you. Second, third and fourth opinions are always a good idea.

You should choose an orthodontist based on a few factors. First, do they offer the orthodontic treatment you’re interested in, and what is their training with that system? Of course, you also want to make sure that the orthodontist is in your dental insurance network (if applicable), since orthodontics is often at least partially covered by such policies. Finally, how convenient are they? Do they have urgent appointments available? Do they work around your schedule and is their location easy to get to?

Brace Yourself

Finally, you want to make sure you feel comfortable with your orthodontist. This is the expert you’ll be seeing perhaps on a monthly basis for years. They should have a good chairside manner, be quick and efficient, and boast transparency. You’re not the expert here, they are. They should be able to explain options to you, what to expect and put you at ease with each appointment.

Orthodontics requires a unique partnership among the patient, orthodontist and sometimes general dentist. Make sure you find the right fit. Call Johnson Elite Orthodontics in Salt Lake City for a consultation, and to get on the fast track to the smile you deserve.