Clear Braces

Using the same patented, tieless brace technology as the regular Damon System, Damon Clear braces combine all the advantages of traditional braces and invisible aligners, all performed with components that are barely visible to the human eye. With Damon Clear, people may not even realize you wear braces.

Clear Braces in South Jordan

The Damon Clear difference is striking in comparison toClear Brackets traditional “clear” braces, which really aren’t all that invisible. The old-fashioned approach uses obvious metal parts as well as elastic ties that often don’t remain transparent, yellowing over time and becoming unsightly. Damon Clear is a tieless system that resists discoloration and staining for the duration of your treatment.

The Damon Clear system provides unbelievably speedy results too. Clinical studies have demonstrated that those who select this revolutionary invisible system complete their treatment on average six months sooner than those who select traditional braces. Fewer office visits are required with the Damon system too. The average client completes treatment in seven or more fewer office visits than traditional patients.

Invisible Braces

Although clear aligners won’t work for every patient, the Damon system is effective for virtually all patients. And there are no fears of losing track of your aligner or forgetting to wear it, both behaviors that can cost money and draw out your treatment duration.

Just like the traditional Damon braces, the Clear braces system puts your comfort first. The patented tie-less technology means that your clear braces never need tightening. They’re gentle and kind to your sensitive mouth too, with no elastics or clips to bind the wires in place.

Clinical tests prove that Damon Clear not only aligns teeth quickly and invisibly but also corrects bite problems, facial aesthetics and smile arcs as well, without the need for radical orthodontic treatments. No harsh, painful spacers, headgear or extractions of healthy teeth. The polycrystalline alumina material used in these brackets is highly durable as well as aesthetically pleasing and stain resistant. The soft, rounded corners and edges increase patient comfort too.

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect smile but unwilling to spend that much time with a “metal mouth,” the Damon Clear system of passive, self-ligating orthodontic braces is right for you. In the South Jordan-Daybreak and Salt Lake City areas, Johnson Elite Orthodontics and the Damon Clear braces system are much more than meets the eye!