The Damon System is ultimately a new, improved form of traditional braces that helps put outdated cons about orthodontics to bed for good. There was a time, several years ago, when the only orthodontic option was big, silver braces that could turn painful during regular tightening sessions. Today’s traditional braces now come in a variety of colors, and innovations in orthodontics means that they are much more comfortable to wear. However, for orthodontic patients who want the most comfortable braces of all, only the Damon System will do.

The Damon System does not just provide more comfort, but many patients can also get a wider smile and enjoy a shorter treatment window. Many times, no extractions are necessary, although the details should be carefully discussed with an orthodontist in order to choose the best treatment plan. Every orthodontic treatment is different, and some patients may be facing tooth removal, rapid palatal expanders, headgear and even surgery. The Damon System does not guarantee that every candidate can bypass these inconveniences, but it certainly is possible for some patients.

Better, Faster, Comfier

Not every orthodontist is a qualified, certified Damon System doctor, which means patients need to do their research and find a dentist who meets this specification. A unique system, Damon is most like the self-litigating passive braces. This means it is unnecessary to have those pesky ties, whether metal or elastic, and there is zero need for tightening. Even though classic brace-tightening strategies today are much more comfortable, some patients are more sensitive or simply do not want to be bothered with extra dental appointments if it is not necessary. Damon offers more flexibility.

Instead, the Damon System uses shape-memory wires, which shift teeth more quickly and do not need as many adjustments. This is great for patients of all ages who want to get their braces on and off as quickly as possible. While only an orthodontist can tell patients how long their treatment will likely take, it is very likely that using the Damon System will result in a shorter treatment.

Apples and Oranges

Unlike classic braces, which can cause pressure and friction, the Damon System eliminates both of those troubles. Classic braces also require more effort to shift teeth, which some patients report as uncomfortable — and it can take much longer. Damon offers a slide mechanism to keep wires in place, while also allowing more liberal tooth movement. They are lighter and tap into forces that are biologically sensible.

An added bonus is that the Damon System means easier dental hygiene. These braces are discreet and simple to clean. There is even the Damon Clear for a more natural look. Stop worrying about avoiding your favorite foods or whether you’re flossing well enough—with the Damon System, oral hygiene is nearly as simple as having no braces at all. Johnson Elite Orthodontics are qualified Damon System providers. If you’re interested in this smart and innovative orthodontic solution, contact Johnson Elite Orthodontics to schedule a consultation.