Damon System

In our busy world, the Damon system braces offer a faster, more effective way to achieve that perfect smile. Revolutionary technology that harnesses the force of nature lies at the heart of Damon braces. This fixed, passive method of orthodontia uses self-ligating technology to minimize the time required for treatment as well as the number of office visits. First used in the 1990s, the Damon system has harnessed the power of revolutionary technology to create a safe and effective method that greatly increases patient comfort and eliminates the need for extractions, palate expanders and external headgear. Only available from trained, certified Damon providers, you can choose from a variety of Damon brackets based on your specific needs and lifestyle. In Salt Lake City and South Jordan-Daybreak, Johnson Elite Orthodontics is your local expert in this cutting-edge technology.

Damon System Salt Lake City

In traditional orthodontia, ligatures are required for attaching tension wires to individual tooth brackets. The Damon system does away with ligatures, typically elastic o-rings or steel ties, instead using patented slide brackets that make wire attachment a breeze. Traditional braces are notorious for trapping food particles but, due to their inherently delicate nature, patients were forced to practice tedious oral hygiene routines, lest they damage the delicate structure of their braces.

Damon braces let you say goodbye to the old school method of orthodontics, replacing it with a system that’s much more suited to our fast-paced, modern world. Clinical research proves that this system can cut six to seven months off the process, requiring significantly fewer office visits. Gone are the days of painful adjustments, extractions and headgear. Here to stay are durable and effective braces that eliminate virtually all of the headaches you already associate with orthodontia.

Damon brackets are compact and low-profile, improving the comfort and appearance of braces. For those who prefer an even less obtrusive approach, the clear braces option is barely detectible and more effective than alternative treatments. Johnson Elite Orthodontics proudly offers both of the latest Damon braces systems. The Damon Q brackets leverage space-age technology and sophisticated design to provide durable and effective orthodontics. For those who want a clear choice in braces, the Damon Clear system is unrivaled in its beauty and function. Whichever system is right for you or your children, Johnson Elite Orthodontics if the expert in beautiful smiles.

Contact Johnson Elite Orthodontics today for a consultation at either of our locations in Salt Lake City and South Jordan. Dr. Johnson and his experienced staff can explain both Damon systems to you, and help you determine which one will provide the greatest benefit. The clinically proven advantages of the Damon system will help you achieve the smile of your dreams.