Dating with Braces?

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Would you date someone with braces — or do you have braces and are thinking of getting back into the game? Instead of asking, why, most people these days are asking, why not? The old

cliché that braces get in the way of dating is like believing, “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Both braces and glasses are the pillars of geek chic, and it’s about time. More and more adults are opting to get them, finally taking care of aesthetic issues, bite problems or misaligned teeth that they didn’t fix as a teen. Adults and teens alike are choosing their preferred method of teeth straightening, whether it’s traditional with a customized color twist, the Damon System or Invisalign.

However, if you’re thinking of getting braces — or dating someone with them — and this is a first for you, it’s understandable to have some questions. This goes double if you’re a teen. Sure Madonna and Donald Faison could pull off braces, but celebrities can swing a lot of things mere mortals can’t. Don’t worry. You or your paramour will look just as good as orthodontic-laden celebrities, and the best part is that they don’t get in the way of romance.

Need some more evidence? Check out these quotes on dating with braces from those on the front line:

  • “No problem with someone trying to improve their appearance. My ex got his in his 40s. It’s never too late. Straight teeth only help in the dating world,” says a post on the site DateHookup. If you’re choosing between straight, attractive healthy teeth with around two years of orthodontics or a lifetime of crooked, gapped, unaligned and unhealthy teeth, the choice should be obvious.
  • “There is nothing wrong with girls with braces. Besides, I would rather girls get braces, because when they come off their smiles will be awesome!” That’s the sage advice of a Yahoo poster who answered a teen’s question about whether or not she should get braces.
  • “Of course I’d date someone who wore braces … I just got mine off three years ago (had them on for two years) and it didn’t seem to affect my ability to date,” writes a Plenty of Fish user. That sentiment was echoed by many others who wore braces while dating and found it didn’t slow them down at all.
  • “I can’t imagine that this would ever bother me. Somebody who looks after their teeth is infinitely better than somebody who doesn’t,” says a thread Reddit about a girl in her 20s with braces.

By far, no matter what the circumstances (age, gender, reason for braces) or the forum, the overwhelming response was, “Why would braces matter?” However, while adults getting braces is becoming more common, it’s still better to get orthodontics in your teens when teeth are usually healthier and easier to adjust. Contact Johnson Elite Orthodontics for your braces evaluation today.

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