Is Invisalign Teen for Your High Schooler?

Invisalign Teen is a teeth-straightening system designed just for teens, since they make up the bulk of orthodontic patients. Invisalign is the revolutionary, invisible system that uses sets of Invisalign Teenaligners that are swapped out every two weeks instead of old-school strategies. The good news is that the metal-mouth days are behind us, because today’s braces come in every color imaginable, require fewer in-office tightening sessions and are much more comfortable. The better news is that with Invisalign, patients can bypass traditional braces completely.

Many parents want to know if Invisalign Teen works just as well as classic braces. It does. Orthodontics, no matter what system is used, slowly shift teeth into the desired position. Invisalign Teen does this by slowly nudging teeth into alignment, which is why a new tray is introduced about every two weeks, once the previous tray has worked its magic. Some of the most common teeth-straightening problems include overbites, crowding, gaps and underbites.

The Real Teenage Dream

The teenage years are steeped in self-discovery and the battle for self-confidence. Having a great, straight smile improves anybody’s self-confidence, and also has been shown to lead to more success in every aspect of a person’s life. However, teens can be cruel, and it is easy to suffer from self-esteem issues during the high school years. For the teen who wants straighter teeth without feeling self-conscious, Invisalign is a great option. Trays can be removed for special events, like first dates or proms, for eating, brushing/flossing and of course the all-important graduation photo.

However, many teens prefer Invisalign because it does not get in the way of extracurricular activities. Teens can play sports, instruments and continue practicing good oral hygiene without anything getting in the way. Many teens are good candidates for Invisilign, but only a trained and certified Invisalign Teen orthodontist can tell a family for certain if the system is right for their adolescent.

Not Your Mom’s Braces

Unlike the traditional adult Invisalign system, teens can get their aligners replaced up to six times free of charge if they are lost — because it happens. The amount of time a teen has to wear Invisalign can vary drastically, but is usually on par with traditional braces. Plus, they cost about the same as metal braces, too. The actual cost depends on your region, dental insurance, the state of your teen’s mouth and other factors. It is always advised to get a second opinion with Invisalign, particularly for parents who are told their teen does not qualify (they may at another orthodontist) or if financing is a concern.

This is the only system which only requires 20-22 hours each day of wearing aligners to enjoy the full impact. As an added bonus, much less time is spent on appointments at the orthodontist. If your teen needs braces, contact Johnson Elite Orthodontics to find out if Invisilign Teen is right for him or her.