Orthodontic Myths: Metal Detectors & Lightning!

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A lot of myths surround orthodontics, but two of the scariest are that braces set off metal detectors and they can cause you to get struck by lightning. Neither of these is true, but that doesn’t stop the rumors from spreading (after all, the majority of orthodontic patients are children, although adult patients are quickly catching up).

It makes sense that braces might trigger metal detectors, especially at the airport where it seems like even the button on your jeans puts security in a frenzy. However, the total weight of metal in braces is only about an ounce. In fact, braces are so lightweight they will clear even the most sensitive detection devices.

Most braces are made out of titanium — they’re not heavy or bulky. The choice for that material was no accident — in addition to comfort, the ability to maneuver in an out of secured environments was also a top priority.

Stormy Weather? No Problem

Children who hear they’re more likely to get struck by lightning because they have braces are either misinformed or their friends are playing tricks on them. The reality is that the odds of getting struck by lightning are one in 700,000, regardless of if you are wearing braces. Your braces are made out of a very small amount of metal — it’s not enough to sway the odds.

Where Do Braces Stand Out?

The only time braces make a big difference is when you have X-rays taken, and that’s a good thing. This lets your orthodontist see exactly how the braces are aligned from every possible angle. He or she can also see if cavities are lurking below the surface. If so, these need to be addressed before your orthodontic treatment continues.

Otherwise, having braces causes minimal disruption in your life. You may need to practice better at-home hygiene or use a water pick instead of floss, but that’s about it.

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