Orthodontic Treatments

Dr. Johnson is a top provider of orthodontic treatments, offering Invisalign, the Damon System and clear braces. Gone are the days when having orthodontics meant embarrassing, uncomfortable metal braces. With state of the art technology and an expert orthodontist, patients of all ages are getting straighter, more attractive smiles — and the process is more comfortable.

As one of the most experienced Invisalign providers in the country, Dr. Johnson is committed to giving patients more options for straightening teeth and/or adjusting bites. Traditional braces are still commonly used by many orthodontists, but at Johnson Elite Orthodontics only the latest technologies are offered.

From removable appliances to treat mild cases of misaligned teeth to Invisalign (with a special program just for teens!) and the new Damon System, there’s a perfect orthodontic treatment for everybody.

Invisalign in South Jordan and Salt Lake City

The Invisalign System is a series of clear, comfortable overlay templates called aligners that are created by computer simulation to slowly move and straighten teeth. With Invisalign’s advanced technology and Dr. Johnson’s years of experience, your teeth will be safely transformed. Aligners can be removed for a few hours each day, the exact amount to be specified by your dentist. You may want to remove them for photos, eating, oral hygiene or for occasional special events.

Invisalign Teen aligners offer the same systematic approach, but with six free replacements in case aligners get lost. Although patients of all ages might be great candidates for Invisalign, teens are still some of the best candidates because their teeth and mouths are still growing and easier to manipulate into proper alignment.

Another Orthodontic Treatment Option — The Damon System

The Damon Bracket uses sliding-door technology called self-ligation, which allows the wire to slide back and forth in a bracket. No elastic or steel ties are used, which means less friction and more comfort. Many patients enjoy a shorter orthodontic treatment with Damon, and a much more comfortable fit.

Compared to traditional metal braces, which Dr. Johnson doesn’t offer as it’s not the best orthodontic treatment for patients, the Damon System is much more advanced.
With a better fit and no band tightening, the Damon System is the preferred option for many patients of all ages.

There’s even a clear Damon braces option, which is a top choice for patients looking for a more discreet approach to straightening. Contact Johnson Elite Orthodontics today to make an appointment and find out more about your orthodontic treatment options!