Orthodontics and Thanksgiving

Traditional orthodontics, such as braces or The Damon System, can make your teeth gorgeous and healthy — but eating your favorite foods with braces on can become a challenge.Thanksgiving Orthodontics

Most of the time, patients can tweak and modify their diets to better work with their braces. However, when a food-centric holiday rolls around, you don’t want to give up your favorite comfort foods and treats. You also don’t want this year’s holiday photos to feature food in your smile!

Fortunately, you have some time to plan and prepare for this year’s big feast.

Begin with the starring attraction: turkey (if you’re a carnivore). Even the juiciest of birds can get caught in orthodontic work, leaving you with a wishbone as a toothpick. If you’re in charge of prepping the bird, you can use many unique techniques to make it less likely for fowl to stick in your teeth.

Deep frying a turkey helps keep it juicier (the drier the bird, the more likely it is to stick). You also can go unorthodox and prepare butter turkey (the Indian dish with a different kind of bird), a turkey casserole with bite-sized pieces to avoid using your teeth to tear the meat, or even go vegetarian for just this year, since tofu doesn’t get stuck in your teeth like meat does.

What a (Side) Dish!

Classic side dishes can be made orthodontics-friendly with just a few tweaks. For example, prepare your traditional green bean casserole, but leave the crispy onions as an add-on topper choice. You may want to avoid these crunchy bits altogether, or prep some caramelized onions instead.

Going with seedless cranberry sauce makes this must-have menu item easier to enjoy, while basic mashed potatoes instead of an au gratin or roasted version is better for a clean smile.

As for dessert, many families have apple and pumpkin pies — of course, pumpkin is much kinder on orthodontics. Complement it with a creamy ice cream (no crispy or crunchy bits).

However, if you have a special treat or dish you look forward to every year, don’t let your orthodontics get in the way. A discreet peek in the mirror or trip to the bathroom is all you need for a confident smile.

Getting Orthodontics in November?

Most orthodontic patients have figured out their own tips and hacks for working around favorite foods. If you’re planning to get orthodontics in November or any time around the holiday season, don’t forget to ask about Invisalign. These clear aligners can be removed for up to four hours per day, and are often the same price and require the same time frame to straighten teeth. They may not be the best fit for every patient, but Invisalign is worth checking out.

Contact Johnson Elite Orthodontics to ask about your options just in time for all those holiday treats.