Orthodontics Resolutions For 2016

If you have orthodontics, some of the best resolutions you can make for 2016 include getting preventive care, keeping your mouth healthy and caring for your braces or Invisalign in theOrthodontics Resolutions best way possible. This type of resolution is much easier than some of the more traditional ones.

For starters, commit to never skipping your orthodontist appointments. They help your dentist gauge your progress and spot any issues early. Orthodontic patients especially need to stay on top of oral care, since a problem can quickly snowball and set back your progress.

Check out these orthodontic resolutions for 2016 and challenge yourself to take them on. It’s a new year, and a new you — especially if 2016 is the year your braces come off. Prepare for success by committing to a year of healthy dental habits.

1. Use Water Picks Every Day

For many orthodontic patients, flossing is nearly impossible. If something takes a long time, is difficult and frustrating, you probably won’t do it. It’s challenging enough for people without orthodontics to commit to flossing every day! Water picks are just as effective, and much easier for people with braces to use. Use them at least once per day, before bed, or as needed throughout the day.

2. Practice Good Brushing Techniques

There’s a reason your hygienist goes over proper brushing techniques at every appointment: It’s tough to nail! Everyone can use a reminder of how to practice great brushing strategies, including choosing the best toothbrush for your mouth, using the right 45-degree angle, and learning techniques for getting the teeth in the back.

3. Add fluoride mouthwash to the mix.

An alcohol-free fluoride rinse can help strengthen teeth, especially in patients under 17 years old. This is the time when your teeth are still developing, and you can “soak up” that fluoride to make them stronger from the inside out. However, anyone of any age can benefit from fluoride rinses, in-office treatments and drinking in water with fluoride added to it.

4. Shake up Your Band Colors.

If you have braces and the option to choose band colors, this is the year to play around. You only wear braces for a short time, so have fun with them. Some great holidays are around the corner, such as Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, and both are a fantastic excuse to opt for pink, red or green festive bands.

5. Indulge in “Non-Safe Foods” Sometimes

Non-safe foods aren’t the foods your orthodontist has forbidden! Instead, it just means foods that you’ve shied away from eating with braces because you think they’ll stick in your orthodontics. Pick up a compact mirror, pack a travel brush and water pick, and simply excuse yourself for a braces check if you’re dining with friends.

Orthodontics are giving you the smile you’re craving, but that doesn’t mean you’re in a timeout until the process is complete. With your Johnson Elite Orthodontics team, you can make the most of your time with braces.