How to Choose an Orthodontist

Choosing an Orthodontist

Patients should take as much care choosing an orthodontist as they do selecting any kind of specialist or primary care physician. Orthodontists attend dental school just like regular dentists, but choose to attend additional years of schooling and training in order to specialize in orthodontics. Considering the extra work needed, you will find far fewer orthodontists than general dentists, but that doesn’t mean conducting your own research and having meet-and-greets aren’t critical. A reputa

4 Bad Reasons to Put off Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Are you facing adult orthodontic treatment because you put it off when you were younger, could not afford it, or maybe you failed to wear that retainer and now your teeth are out of alignment again? Great news — adult braces are nothing like Sex and the City made it out to be when Miranda gave them a whirl. In fact, today you have numerous options for braces, including Invisalign, the Damon System and traditional braces that come in different colors and are much more comfortable than the ones

Damon System Braces Eliminate Tightening Discomfort

Damon System Braces Eliminate Tightening Discomfort

The Damon System is ultimately a new, improved form of traditional braces that helps put outdated cons about orthodontics to bed for good. There was a time, several years ago, when the only orthodontic option was big, silver braces that could turn painful during regular tightening sessions. Today’s traditional braces now come in a variety of colors, and innovations in orthodontics means that they are much more comfortable to wear. However, for orthodontic patients who want the most comfortable

5 Myths that Make Teens Afraid of Orthodontics

5 Myths that Make Teens Afraid of Orthodontics

Teenagers often don’t want orthodontic treatments, but they want the results they can offer. Whether you go with traditional braces (perhaps in non-traditional colors), the Damon System or Invisalign, orthodontics today are nothing like what you remember from childhood. “Brace face” is no more, largely thanks to the geek chic movement that made functional items like glasses and braces not just acceptable, but even desirable.Of course, the real beauty of orthodontics won’t be seen unt

Orthodontics Use Up 34 Percent


Orthodontics, whether it is traditional braces, Invisalign or the Damon system, are becoming more and more common. OutRank, an advertising company, undertook extensive research on behalf of one of its clients, and was shocked to find just how popular orthodontics have become in recent years. According to OutRank’s director of marketing Carrie Shaw, “The data is based on thousands of clients and hundreds of dentists … we set up search-optimized websites for our customers and have access to